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Nobody really knows where Muito Kaballa was born or where he came from. Some believe he is from spain, others think he is from france, some people actually believe he was born in a very boring city close to cologne, where he spent most of his childhood in a safe and stable environment. Needless to say that all these approaches seem unrealistic and far fetched. The most sophisticated and surely the most reliable story (up to this day, nobody has ever been able to proove it wrong) behind Muito Kaballa and the Soundbombing goes something like this:

It is said, that Muito Kaballa emerged out of the dumplings of an anaconda, that ate a river dolphin, which before accidentally swallowed a poisinous dart frog, who again had been the fellow companion of a wise leopard. When the latter eventually found out about the tragic fate of his little friend, he killed the anaconda and set the dumplings on fire, to give the remains of his little friend the kind of funeral he would have wished for. Just when the hole pile of anaconda shit was burned to ashes, it started to rain like it never had before. The water from the sky mixed with the ashes of the excrement. Three days later, so it is said, Muito Kaballa arose out of the relicts of the several animals involved in this mess. It is left to the reader to believe the beginning of this story but what is known for sure about Muito Kaballa, is how he grew up in the amazone jungle and eventually came to the beautiful city of cologne, where he started the Guerilla Soundbombing.
After his emergence, a toucan and a lyerbird that had maybe seen the whole spectacle, felt pity for the poor creature which was Muito Kaballa. They took compassionate care of him, until they abandoned Muito after one week, "so he would learn to fly on his own" - they said.
Having had a lyrebird as a surrogate, Muito Kaballa soon developed sophisticated skills in imitating the endless sounds of his surroundings. The mighty music of the jungle, composed through the strains of the trees shaking, the birds whistling, the monkeys yelling - and so on - grew to be the voracious fount of Muito's inspiration. And so Muito began travelling through the everlasting green of the amazonian rain forest, searching for more and more sounds; more and more music to be absorbed. At the age of five, Muito Kaballa had explored almost the entire forest south of the amazon river, living only off the music around him - ... and yellow-bended dart frogs. The poisin of the frog served Muito as a strong and magical serum, that he used to go deep within his consciousness to feel and experience the resonance of the jungle on a even higher level.
Soon after, Muito encountered a tribe by the name of Gianamsei Quatzacutl, living in a small community next to a lagoon. They taught him the secret of endless life and also how to play bongos. Having never actually played a real instrument before, Muito was stunned by the new possibilities, that arouse before him. He decided he wanted to learn as many instruments as possible. For two hundred years, the Gianamsei Quatzacutl tought him all they knew about the profession of man-made music; but never being able to quench Muito's ceaseless thirst for more and more input. When Muito Kaballa realized, there was nothing more to learn from the Gianamsei Quatzacutl, nothing more to learn from the birds and the trees and the water and the mighty magic of the jungle, he decided to move to Cologne, Germany, of which he had heard of from a wise shaman of the Gianamsei Quatzacutl.
Not really knowing which way to go, Muito Kaballa engaged into a long and dangerous journey around the whole globe, in which he explored the fathomless richness and diversity of music throughout the world.
After fifty years of meandering around, Muito swam through the amazon river and across the ocean (took him about a year by itself) and finally approached Cologne City in the year of 2017.
Although the first impression of the city was good (disregarding the ridiculously high prices for rent) Muito was surely missing the music and sounds that used to surround him for so long in his life. So Muito started his mission: randomly spreading music around the city, using a wooden trailer carrying various musical devices, among them a supernatural loop machine with the power of looping and overdubbing a never ending amount of recordings. Equipped with this trailer, Muito rides around the city to spread music and good vibes wherever he can. This is what Guerilla Sound Bombing is about!